Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye Armageddon: Rocky to Cairns 4/11 - 7/11

After having an amazing breakfast and leaving Evan's place, we headed to the Rockhampton Zoo to give us sometime to work out the breakfast before jumping back in the car and drive all day. Of course we had a few stop overs eating ice cream and taking pictures of these crazy signs.
Made driving fun as we anticipated what the next sign would say. That evening we made it to our next destination, Airlie Beach.

Airlie Beach, one of the starting points to the Whitsunday Islands where funny thing is as we drove into a parking lot to find a place to sleep (in our car of course) we ran into the girls, Camille & Molly, we had met in Fraser Island. Crazy! It happens when you're heading in the same direction I suppose. Anyways, the next morning, Colleen went out on her 2 day sailing trip and Steph and I used the time sleep in, walk around Airlie Beach and get some hiking in. It was nice to not be stuck in the car or have a deadline of trying to get somewhere. We hiked out to Coral Beach and had a nice time taking our time enjoying the scenery and talking. Last minute we tried to see if we could go camping on an island but of course, us running last minute, didn't have enough time. Instead we opted to hang out at the "beach." Its funny because you would think that you could just hang out at the beach but because Australian waters get infested with jelly fish, many little towns create a "lagoon" where you can swim and hang out as if you were on a beach. We laid out with all the other backpackers and enjoyed the hot sun for a bit before getting some much needed laundry done and eating meat pies. YUM! Later we played our favorite game, Scrabble. Yes, the scrabble nerds we are played most of the night.

The next morning we, unfortunately woke up to a ticket...yea thats right a ticket. We had done so good of finding places we could park our car overnight and sleep and we parked the same place as we did the night before but, I guess we got lucky the night before. I guess its also because they had the Saturday market and well of course we were in the parking lot they held it in. Oh well, it happens, right? We made the most of it and woke up to walk around the market and picked up some fresh fruit....yummy local mangoes! After, we drove around and did some window shopping before heading back to the beach where we saw the other two girls from the cruise ship, Gianna & Anna, that we had met in Fraser Island. Yes, thats must be a meeting place for all of us. Anyways, we played more scrabble, got some journaling done and waited for Colleen under the hot sun. Picked Colleen up, made dinner and drove through the night. This time, we found a place we could actually park and not get a ticket!

We had found a place where we were walking distance to the beach and made breakfast. We're in OZ of course we have to be near a beach! Well, it being the last day in our "spaceship," Armageddon, we had a lot of driving to get done. Yet, our deadline was technically Sunday and the shop being closed, we took advantage of having the car thinking if we had to drop off the car just before they opened...well at least we got our money's worth...a $1/day...remember? Such a steal I know!! LOL We stopped over to eat some mango ice cream...yes if we weren't eating at any of the local bakeries, it was the local mangoes! They are in season...ya gotta take advantage of the tropical fruit! Of course the three of us had other detours like hiking up to Jourama Falls and laying out in the Rock Pools. Let me say, that was amazing. The further we traveled north, the more hot and humid it got and those pools might have had little worms, the cold water was refreshing. Wait, what?!?! little worms? was weird. I didn't discover them until the end when they were all over my skin. Of course I was a little paranoid...but don't worry...I think I got them all off. LOL. After, we stopped over in Mission Beach to take a few pictures and have some lunch. It was definitely another beautiful beach in beautiful 'Stralia. After, we drove straight to Cairns so we could find a hostel. That was an adventure because as you know, we're always running late and well, if you wait too long, hostel offices closed and well...needless to say we did find one and stayed at the Northern Green Hostel. It was nice even with our drunk dorm mate. It took awhile to get all of our crap out of the spaceship and into the hostel, mind you we had been living in it for 2 weeks now. Kinda was also kinda sad. it had been our home for our trip from Sydney and now we had to say goodbye. If I had the money I would have just kept it or bought something similar so I could live in a car. Does that sound crazy? Living in a car? Yeah....I guess it does but its a culture here. All the backpackers do it if they aren't staying in hostels and you know me and me "living" in my car....its a culture I could definitely be a part of.

Anyways, the journey in Armageddon was over. We dropped our home off and walked back to our hostel. Quite the far walk too I must say especially when you're tired. LOL but the adventures aren't over yet. Its just trying to plan out the next theres the problem.

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