Thursday, October 9, 2008

Paid a Price

wrote most of it months ago, seemed appropriate now...

paid a price...falling in love with you
finding myself drinking myself to sleep
filling the void of loneliness
no one to blame but myself
why do i run to you and fight myself along the way?

paid a price....sniffing that cocaine
thought i could forget and feel good
instead I fall down a cliff of emotional pain
and can't swim in a pool of blood
why do i breathe in the past smells of your cologne?

paid a price of...drinking tonight
i thought i could party all night long
but i drank myself in a lake of tears
missing the sounds of your voice and the touch of your words
how do i climb to find sun again?

paid a price...of thinking too much
a dream that only myself is in
dying in fantasies of what will never be
acted out and pushed you away
where do i go to find peace?

paid a price...of loving you
i've lost who i was and feel empty
now my soul and heart has run away
and you will always have it in your hands
I guess life will never be the same...

1 comment:

MADNESS said...'s a gamble. but you know, we're fuckin high rollin ballers! and remember...there's really nothing to lose..only to gain!....