Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proposition 8

Vote YES to keep the traditional family.
Vote NO for equality.

Naturally, my first instinct is to vote NO. Of course, I would want the option to marry the person of my dreams and if that happens to be of the same sex then I want the opportunity to do so. But, something happened. As some of you may know, I've held off on having any sexual encounters with anyone, avoiding the whole rebound sex. But, that didn't stop me from browsing the personal ads on craigslist. And yea, I'll admit that I even emailed guys to meet up with them. But, I didn't get many responses and in fact none that actually wanted to meet up-well except for one who was the guy that pointed out that I needed to feel wanted and didn't need rebound sex. Kudos to him for being so understanding. Anyways, I went to Vegas this past weekend and once again I perused the ads and well, no one really responded. But that's not the point, the point of the matter was....there were so many guys looking for orgies, random kink play, etc, etc. It was sickening and I started to think...vote yes to save the families. I dunno but it grossed me out so much. I hate the fact that gay scene was so promiscuous...where was the monogamy? Yet, it wouldn't' matter because then in those ads you saw "str8/married" guys who wanted a gay encounter and it didn't matter if the person was married, they were having an affair.

My family as you know is very Christian and of course they want me to vote yes on 8. But, what difference would a marriage make if a man was married to a woman who then snuck around to have sex with another person, let a lone a man? So there I stood....back to where I was before, voting NO. I don't condone messing around with anyone else while in a relationship but how can so many people say YES to Prop 8 to save families, to preserve a marriage of a man and a woman if affairs happen, let alone happen with the same sex? If anything, we should be focusing on keeping relationships with each other, unless of course its an open relationship but that's a whole another subject....lol


Reamworks said...

Some Evangelical Clergy are urging people to vote NO on proposition 8. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that the NO side is gaining ground.

Also, shouldn't Christians be more concerned about the Parental Notification initiative? I think Christians have been bamboozled by out-of-state interests.

MADNESS said...

um. why are you going to craigslist!? please tell me there are better sites out there. come'on now...as for the prop. sigh. seriously gay, straight, married, whatever you are. does it make much difference!? really? i mean pple will do it either way anyway.

Anonymous said...

who cares what you are?? as long as people make themselves different from others-they'll always be different.