Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please nourish the thirsty

Its raining outside and I'm enjoying every drop that falls from the sky. Most people find it depressing but I see it as nurturing. The plants have had a long summer of heat and dry air. They are thirsty and need to be replenished just as humans do when we reach for a glass of water. But, I understand those who hate the rain when everyday seems to be gray and wet. Like the people of Seattle who find a ray of sun to be refreshing with day after day of mist that surrounds the atmosphere. I'll admit, after spending a summer in Alaska where it seemed to rain most of the time, there were times where the sun could have put a smile on my face. And thats an odd thing because I've never been weather affected but it caught me this time.

I love the sound rain makes when it finally reaches its destination. Its like music nature makes and I love the natural sounds that mother earth produces. No song, no producer, no artist can ever achieve beautiful sounds waves when society is quiet and all that is left is all things non-human touched.

"A friend" has described me to be like rain...I've never thought of myself as rain but it enlightened my eyes to be described something differently than what my ears normally hear. A metaphor, an observation that I thought, wow....someone was really paying attention in an artistic light. But the mystery of secrecy lies with this friend and I with my back against the wall holding my drink in hand, waiting till the rain that I seem to be is embraced openly out loud.


Anonymous said...

Art is just another word to describe an ordinary phenomenon that occurs daily; so much emphasis is placed on art, what is art, what makes an artist? 

If I could teach one person anything, it would be to: stand still long enough to notice the remarkable beauty the resides in every single brush stroke, stand still long enough to hear flowers bloom, stand still long enough to hold your breath and feel the world flood back into your lungs stinking every possible part of your insides with in its reach, as you suddenly gasp for air. Because of these things no one is really ever alone.

An artist is a person walking down the street that is humming a tune; an artist is the barber at your local hair saloon who cuts hair for a living; an artist is the a person who paints flowers and and suns depicting smiling faces for someone to make their sad day a little brighter. Making art a vast category in which almost anything can be included in.

This is the last comment I am going to leave you before I fade away, and become just a lullaby, that becomes increasingly hard to recall as you gain in years.

Alexi Murdoch - Wait

A Friend

Evolve said...

Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative even if they think they are not. And the best part of it all, we share art together.

Are you going to let your art disappear from my eyes so I can no longer see your beauty?